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Her Majesty, London

The British capital is always full of surprises; you won't recognise the city from one visit to the next. Bubbling over with energy, London will keep you on your toes.

In London, you don't have a second to lose: there are so many things to see and do! Hurrying from here to there, you will see the past coexisting with the present, and will come across cultures from around the world that mix to make today's London.

When we first think of London, we think of Queen Elizabeth II and the entire royal family, including the most recent arrivals, the little prince George and his sister Charlotte. We think of Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. London is also red double-decker buses and old-fashioned black cabs, the music of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the first Hard Rock Café and Abbey Road studios.

Neighbourhoods such as Mayfair, Covent Garden, Primrose Hill, and Shoreditch divide up the vast urban expanse of 1,500 square kilometres. Immense green spaces like Hyde Park, Regent's Park, and Victoria Park allow Londoners to get some fresh air. Victorian architecture rubs up alongside colourful little mews, and modern wonders such as The Shard building rise up against a background of famous structures from yesteryear, like Westminster Abbey, the Royal Albert Hall, and Big Ben. Even though the weather is often cloudy, rest assured there will always be a ray of sun piercing through during the day.

London is also Piccadilly and Oxford Circus, Harrods, Hamleys, and Selfridges, not to forget the markets of Camden and Portobello Road. London is Trafalgar Square and the British Museum, Arsenal football club and Wembley Stadium, theatre, musicals, and shows. London is pubs and star restaurants, luxury hotels alongside boutique hotels. London is Kate Moss and David Beckham, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens and Jack the Ripper.

London is elegant but also eccentric, dynamic, and creative, a city where civility and courtesy reign. London is a thousand other places too, a thousand other references, a thousand new spots to discover. Above all, London is the city of possibilities. For, as Samuel Johnson said in the 18th century: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”.

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